Eruption History

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NameDateTime (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)Eruption Type
Mayon2024 Feb 04 04:37 PMPhreatic
Mayon2023 Jun 08-Dec 08*Lava Effusion
Mayon2018 Jan 13-Mar 18*Lava fountaining and effusion
Mayon2014 Aug 12 - Nov 01Lava dome extrusion
Mayon2013 May 7Phreatic
Mayon2009 Nov 11-2010 Jan 2*Strombolian
Mayon2006 Jul 14-Oct 01*Vulcanian-Strombolian
Mayon2001 Jun 1-22, Jun 23-Jul 4, Jul 26-Aug 4Lava fountaining-Vulcanian
Mayon2000 Feb 12-Mar 1Lava fountaining-Vulcanian
Mayon1993 Feb 2-Apr 4*Vulcanian-Strombolian
Mayon1984 Sept 9-Oct 6*Strombolian-Vulcanian
Mayon1978 May 3-Jul 4*Strombolian
Mayon1968 Apr 20-May 20*Vulcanian
Mayon1947 Jan 8-Feb*Vulcanian
Mayon1941 Sept 13Phreatic
Mayon1939 Aug 21Phreatic
Mayon1938 Jun 5*Vulcanian
Mayon1928 Jan*Vulcanian